Hi, I'm Danielle

As a designer, I strive to transform user insights into products that are intuitive, effortless, and enjoyable to use. I am a self-starter who is driven, detail-oriented, and passionate about utilizing design to solve problems with high-impact solutions.

My architectural training and experience have helped me to develop my ability to empathize with the needs of users while balancing the goals of stakeholders, to develop creative solutions while working within constraints and budgets, and to become a skilled collaborator who is comfortable working in cross-functional teams.

My curiosity has made me a lifelong learner who loves learning about how the world works and what drives human behavior. I love to read and listen to podcasts about science, personal finance, optimization, storytelling, design, and social science. I am always looking for ways to challenge and improve myself.

When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, tending to my many houseplants, cooking new recipes, and hiking, biking, or skiing with my husband and son.



daniellepecora@gmail.com  |  LinkedIn